Business Administration

Business Administration

Business Administration


The mission of the Duhok Private Technical Institute "DPTI" is provision of an equitable non-denominational access to the students on merit and providing an opportunity to develop practical business skills, including use of information technology (IT) and people skills. Then, students to be equipped with the analytical consistency which prepares them for future careers and provide inter-disciplinary exposure and develop social sensitivity.


The vision of DPTI is improving administrative sciences in the region through enabling students realize their full potential by promotion all round excellence with a view to creating competent and socially sensitive individuals through exposure to multidisciplinary and research based learning benchmarked to global standards and supporting the detection of modern and accountable public administration.


• Apply business concepts and theories to real-world decision-making.

• Increase proficiency in specific business disciplines; such as human resources management, operations management, marketing, accounting, statistics, economics, finance, and business law.

• Develop and improve business skills in communication, technology, quantitative reasoning, and teamwork.

Observe and participate in business operations and decision-making.


Kawar Ibrahim Mustafa

Head of the Business Administration Department

Assist Lecturer