Banking Management

Banking Management


DPTI mission Banking Administration is to offer an excellent educational environment where students can study theories of the discipline. Put them into practice and improve their analytical skills that will facilitate and improve their decision-making ability as the financial managers of future. Through a process of effective education provided for our privileged students, we aim to provide them with a thorough understanding of the ways and methods within which financial institutions operate, and with the structure and operational principles of the markets in the modern financial industry.


To be the leading institute in providing world-class education and training in banking and finance at local and regionally levels.


Department have several Objectives to achieve :

  • Prepare numbers of graduate’s student with highly qualified banking and financial experience to join the labor market.
  • Build a scientific base and human resources to supplement the financial sector and the banks, which is an engine foundation to achieve the desired economic development.
  • Develop the capacity to raise the level of performance of the banking sector in Kurdistan.
  • Innovate and develop banking information system of help in this vital sector.
  • Supplementing those who are in charge of the banking sector specialized consultancy to raise the work efficiency within the financial market and all banks.


Nashat Salih Abdulkareem

Head of the BM Department

Assist Lecturer