Prepare an excellence graduate to advance the precise, safe, and effective use of medicines to improve health through excellence in patient care, education, research, and public service.


This department is looking forward to having a strong impact on health services in the Kurdistan region of Iraq through its excellent educational programs. These programs are designed to provide health services to society according to international and local academic standards. Work in many areas needed in the various sectors of the country and its institutions, such as

  • Regulation and control of medicines (Drugs) in Ministry of Health at boarder regions.
  • Hospital pharmacies in Ministry of Health or Privet sectors.
  • Drugs and pharmaceutical equipment factories in Ministry of Industry.
  • Community drug storages in Ministry of Health or Privet sectors.
  • Working in institution and private sector companies or organization.
  • Working in Ministry of Higher education and scientific research as Laboratory Technician.


Department have several Objectives to achieve :

  • Dispenses prescription medication and other medical products to patients under direction of licensed pharmacist.
  • Counts pills, labels bottles, prices, and compounds medications to prepare prescriptions for patients as directed.
  • Performs administrative duties, including answering phones, receiving and inputting prescription orders, operating cash registers, and restocking inventory.
  • Gathers, organizes, and assesses patient information.
  • Supplies patients with information and education on their prescriptions
  • Monitors prescription-filling process to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and pharmacy policies.
  • Liaises with healthcare providers and patients to obtain correct prescription information
  • Answers patients questions about their medications under the supervision of the pharmacist
  • Takes inventory of drugs on hand and records results
  • Places orders for additional drugs as directed by the pharmacist Maintains electronic patient information


Hiwa Rejab Ibrahim

Head of the PH Department

Assist Lecturer