Health Administration

Health Administration

Health Administration


The purpose of establishing the Department of Health Administration within DPTI is to offer students the best quality of education in a two-year academic study courses aiming to gain professional knowledge in Health Administration. With the high quality of teaching staff, operation system and facilities, DPTI will ensure students to have access to all required scientific information that enable them to address potential administrative issues and develop a plan of action to resolve them consequently. By granting technical diploma in Health Administration to students in this department, DPTI aims to enable them to have better opportunities to work in public and private health sector.


To provide an outstanding quality of education to student that instills their knowledge, skills and capacities required to engage in professional Health Administration for better benefiting people seeking access to hospitals, clinics on daily basis.


We engage with our students through theoretical and practical education services to: -

  • Prepare qualifies staff equipped with professional skills and knowledge in Health Administration.
  • Enhance student’s capacities in developing efficient work plans in health sector.
  • Facilitate full access to information and knowledge required in Health Administration, Human Resource (HR), management of medical supplies, health logistics related processes.
  • Demonstrate the ingenuity in students use of curriculum theory and practices.
  • Collaborate with students and educators to conducts researches to generate new knowledge that would contribute to the improvement of heath Administration sector.
  • Create a friendly class environment that respects and meets students and educators needs.

Enhance the relationship between DPTI and local community through the private and public health sector.


Mustafa Khairi MohammadSaeed

Head of the HA Department

Assist Lecturer