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١-Comparing Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptography in message encryption and decryption by using AES and RSA algorithms
٢-Effect of Mean Filter on Face Image from Video Frames
٣-Evaluation of EHO, U-TACO and TS Metaheuristics algorithms in Solving TSP
٤- "A Median Filter With Evaluating of Temporal Ultrasound Image for Impulse Noise Removal for Kidney Diagnosis" 
٥-Image Processing Techniques for” Identifying Impostor Documents Through Digital Forensic Examination”
٦-“Automation System for Farm Using Arduino”
٧-Taxonomy of bio-inspired optimization algorithms
٨-Comparative study between elephant herding optimization (EHO) and U-turning ant colony optimization (U-TACO) in solving symmetric traveling salesman problem (STSP)
ھاتينه بەلاڤ کرن ژلایێ ماموستاى ھاریکار " ريدوان بويا مرقس " لێ سالا ٢٠١٩-٢٠٢٠بناڤێ پەیمانگەھێ دەست خوشی لێ دکەین بو ئەنجامدانا ڤان ڤەکولینا.

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م.ھ. ریدوان بویا مرقس