روژا شه‌مبى رێكه‌فتى (2018/10/20) كومپانيا گلوبال ئجيوكه‌يشن كو سپونسه‌را سه‌ره‌كى يا په‌يمانگه‌ها ته‌كنيكى دهوك يا تايبه‌ت و په‌يمانگه‌ها تيشك يا نه‌ حكومى بۆ زانستێن كومپيوته‌رى كه‌فته‌ كارى دگه‌ل ئاكادێميا (Smart Business ) يا سوێدى و كوليتاس انترناشيونال يا بريتانى ژبۆ وه‌رگرتنا باوه‌رناما ( ISO International 9001:2015 ) بۆ به‌رزكرنا كواليتيا خاندنێ و ئاستێ كارگێرى و خزمه‌تگوزارى


Global Education for Education and Culture Development Company main sponsor for DPTI and TISHK started working with Qualitas international certification Ltd. UK, and Smart Business Academy on the 20th of October to receive international ISO 9001: 2015. 

The application of quality assurance system and academic accreditation that will lead to raise the quality of the learning process as well the quality management of the organization.