ل روژا ئێک شەمبى رێکەفتى ( 28/10/2018 ) کومبونەک دگەل نینەرێ زانکویا دورتمون یا ئەلمانى هاتە ئەنجامدان ل پەیمانگەها مە

 .وچەندین بابەتێن گرێداى ب پروسێسا خاندنێ ڤە هاتە گەنگەشەکرن دگەل دیتنا پاشەروژا درێژخایەن یا پەیمانگەها مە


A meeting with ( Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu ) from TU Dortmund University was held at ( DPTI ) to discuss the process of learning in general in Kurdistan especially at the city of Duhok, the difficulties that face's the students through the learning process as well the future visions of the Institute. In addition, both sides addressed the idea of planning in education and how it can be used in developing the quality of learning, The possibility of future cooperation between ( DPTI ) and Dortmund University also was discussed with ( Dr. Sinemillioglu ).