The Rights of the Student

Students have certain rights in the educational process that must be protected for maximal learning to take place. Such rights include the following:

  • The right to get the course books prior to the start of the course;
  • The right to provide feedback at the end of the course. This feedback will be in a format that accords with the objective standards of each subject. Feedback should be submitted during the lecture period;
  • The right to provide feedback on the examination process according to objective standards. This feedback will be used to change and improve the way exams are conducted. It will be used as a measurement device to assess the style and management of the courses, the departments and the entire faculty;
  • The right to receive a photocopy of his/her examination paper, if requested.

  • The Duties of the Student

    The university or institution has certain rights and responsibilities; but it also has certain expectations of students and vice versa. At the beginning of each academic year, when the student is admitted to the university or institute, a number of terms and conditions are included in certain forms and given to the student which he or she is expected to sign. These agreements include the following conditions:

  • The student should behave according to university guidelines;
  • The student will be obligated to behave according to the guidelines and instructions he or she has signed when accepted by the university.

  • Student assessment of academics, courses and lectures is important and is expected to be carried out by the student. However, student attendance is also important, not only for learning and training, but also for the success of the learning experience provided by the universities and colleges. The staff and administrators who manage faculty are expected to take student attendance seriously, register student attendance regularly, and follow-up where needed.

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