About Us

Dohuk Private Technical Institute

Dohuk Private Technical Institute (DPTI) been established in Dohuk Governorate by the Global Education Company after been qualified by the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research's (MHESR) and was licensed as per the ministerial order number (4/25229), dated (23rd November 2015).The institute comprises of four departments (Information Technology – IT) and (Business Administration – BA) and (Health Management Information Systems - HMIS) and (Banking Management - BM) for the academic year ( 2015 – 2017) .

DPTI is also contributing to support the local community to overcome the current economic situation in Kurdistan Region as being in the front line of fighting against ISIS, especially Dohuk city which has received over 400,000 IDPs and refugees from southern cities in Iraq and from Syria. Therefore, DPTI was able to provide free education during the first year to at least 50 students from the families of Peshmerga (martyrs) and poor families.

The current capacity of DPTI's for staff is over 80 comprising of lecturers, management staff and support staff. This number will be increase to at least 90 within the first quarter of the year 2017 as the new academic year starts.